The Most Important Decision of My Life (#1)

Growing up, I wanted to be a lawyer. My grandfather, who I never got a chance to meet, was a district attorney and I was never satisfied with the answers I got from adults. Why not a career where I could ask tough questions and argue when I didn’t agree? But when the time came to decide my path, the only things that seemed to matter were money and effort. Make more and do less.

I spent the first year and a half in college with this same motto on my mind. Every step of the way, I was balancing my effort against my expected career. Until I wasn’t.

In this episode I talk about the decision that changed my life more than any other. For the first 19 years of my life, every twist and turn had been expected. I wasn’t always out in front, leading the pack, but there hadn’t been uncertainty and I certainly wasn’t blazing any trails. But with this one choice, everything I knew about myself and what I was capable of would change.


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3 thoughts on “The Most Important Decision of My Life (#1)

  1. Thanks Corey. Looking forward to second podcast. I was not very reflective at your age nor open to revealing my thoughts. I enjoy your thoughts Uncle Bob

    1. Thank you, that’s definitely inspiring to hear someone’s waiting for the next one. I’m excited to release my conversations with others, they’ve helped me take a curious look back on my own actions.

  2. You are very accomplished person and sometimes I feel like i cant do the same things other people do. However, the way in which you expressed your vulnerabilities and uncertainty allowed me to relate and envision plugging away to accomplish great things in the areas of my life that require a big decision. It helped me envision things I want to accomplish and i could imagine tightnening those indivisual screws to see the bigger picture. It’s the bigger picture that will get me through those mundane screws that are so worth doing but can be daunting or scary and often stop me before I start. Its inspiration that allows me to see that picture and charge through the screws to accomplish great things. Very inspiring and this podcast quickly changed some of my bad attitudes and excuses into a can do spirit. That is a very powerful thing. Excellent work.

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