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Sid Shekhar – When Big Change Must Occur (#6)

“You take satisfaction, you take comfort, in knowing you can be by yourself anywhere in the world and be ok with it.” -Sid Shekhar

This week is my chat with a good buddy, Sid Shekhar (@sidshekhar24) founder of TokenAnalyst, a London based blockchain data company. Sid was born in India before moving to the US as a young kid and finally finding himself in Istanbul for high school. His family moved to Tel Aviv for his senior year. He ended up back in the United States for college, where he studied in New York and turned an externship during that time into a move to Nashville, Tennessee in 2014. Corporate life had him reevaluating. Not long after, he’d had enough and made the jump to entrepreneurship by heading to school in London. Within 15 months, he’d started TokenAnalyst.

In this conversation, we cover the unexpected way several decisions shaped his life, the moments among them that sealed the deal, and the beauty of finding confidence in solitude. His attitudes toward location and conversation are impactful and should come as no surprise from someone who has continued to chase opportunity. Sid’s a great dude and this conversation was a blast. I hope you enjoy it.

Where’s he been?

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  1. Great insights – thank you both. The bookstore story will stick with me for a long while 🙂 My favorite is the pool scene though – I am sure we can all resonate with that feeling of missing out, and the unique motivation it provides 🙂 In the grand scheme of things, isn’t it what social media leaves people feel like? Aren’t we all looking at life from a smaller, darker place, when we are presented with colorful scenes of success and fun? If yes, I hope we can turn it to positive Sid, like you did. Cheers!

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