Sean Hurley – Nutrition and Aging (#13)

A conversation with Sean Hurley (@Age_Wisely), nutrition enthusiast and advocate, who has changed his life to focus on optimal nutritional health. He also works with individuals who struggle with various health issues to refocus their diets and regain control through a well structured diet.


Lise Bienvenu – Connecting the Dots (#12)

This is a conversation with Lise Bienvenu, founder of Souks du Monde (Instagram), an online curator and retailer of textiles from around the world. Lise grew up in New Orleans, studied and worked in France, then taught French in New York City. She is now living in Europe while traveling frequently with her husband, all while running her online business.

Lise has made large moves in her life without always having information, which ultimately has allowed her too create a business driven from her passions and on her own terms. As Steve Jobs said, you “can’t connect the dots looking forward”, and Lise is clear proof of that.

Jimmy McCullough – Patience in Decision Making (#11)

This week is a conversation I had with Jimmy McCullough, one of the people I admire as much as anyone in this world for his patience, happiness, and assuredness. Jimmy’s worked as a social worked in different capacities over the last decade and exemplifies ones ability to be stoic and calm when decisions need to be made.

Personally, I struggle frequently with the seemingly constant reminders that I have a long way to go and there are many things I could be doing differently. Jimmy’s shown me that those outside voices aren’t what matters and real happiness will come with being content in my own decisions. I’m grateful he took the time to sit down and discuss his philosophy with me.

Justin Lynch and Kyle Connors – COVID-19 and Remote Work (#10)

This week is a conversation I had with Justin Lynch and Kyle Connors, two lifelong friends who accompanied me in 2012 on my move into the software industry.

Justin is the Head of Engineering at Correlation One, a data science platform company that helps companies in the search for data talent through on-campus data science competitions. This includes the World’s Largest AI Programming competition, with students from over 120 countries competing for over $250,000 in prizes.

Kyle is VP of Product in Consumer Experience at Zipari, a health insurance data company. Zipari provides health insurance companies with real-time insights and visibility into the customer journey. If you’ve received personalized communication and real-time interactions with health insurance, it may be Zipari handling the communication on the back end.

I’ve spent a lifetime with these guys and constantly have conversations about the future of tech. Like most people, we’ve spent the last couple months discussing COVID-19 and what the lasting impacts will be. The three of us have mostly been able to define where we work for the last 10 years, if only for a couple days here and there. We’ve seen the world open up about what is necessary to continue working and these two have seen it edging from tech into the rest of industry for years.

What a blast having a couple friends on Settled Afar, let me know what you think because I’m sure they’ll each find their way back to the show.

Magdalena Algawam – Ready for the Challenge (#9)

“I grew up in a multicultural family, so for me I’m always curious about peoples customs, what they like doing…” -Magdalena

This week is a chat I had with Magdalena Algawam, a friend who has lived in Germany and London since growing up outside Warsaw, Poland. She’s built a career in the male dominated world of software engineering, and excelled because of, not in spite of, her gender and perspective.

Magda brings an energy and optimism to life that is unique and infectious. I was fortunate to have her as a roommate several years ago in London, deciding to live together before ever having met. It was a huge growing experience for me, primarily because Magda is such an interesting person who has taught me so much.

As always, I’d love to hear your feedback. Settled Afar is still in its early days and I want to shape it based on what you want to hear. There’s good stuff in here, I know it, so please let me know what you enjoy and what could be better.

Chatting with Risi (#8)

This week is a little chat I had with my buddy Chris Risi on a few travel related topics. He’s spent plenty of time outside the US, moving his way around the world during an eleven month trip in 2010 and popping up all over the place since.

Risi and I grew up and lived together for a few years. Any excuse to hop on a call and BS sounds good to me. Expect to hear more from him. Enjoy and let me know what you think.

Dodd Gray – Indiana to Brussels (#7)

“It was a chance to live the life less ordinary…” -Dodd Gray

This week is a chat I had with Dodd Gray, an Indianan who has been living in Belgium with his family for the last 18 years. He lived throughout the midwest USA before moving to Europe in 2001.

As an American getting ready to start a family in (almost) Europe, Dodd is someone I’ve looked forward to speaking with from the minute Settled Afar was conceived. He has a perspective I’ve sought to hear from since I moved to London three years ago. I’m glad I had a chance to pick his brain, it’s always good to build confidence by realizing that others are thinking about things similarly.

As always, let me know what you think. Settled Afar is driven by the listeners, and what you’d like to hear. I know there’s some nuggets of good stuff in here, so whatever you think can be done to improve the interviews, I’m all ears.

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Sid Shekhar – When Big Change Must Occur (#6)

“You take satisfaction, you take comfort, in knowing you can be by yourself anywhere in the world and be ok with it.” -Sid Shekhar

This week is my chat with a good buddy, Sid Shekhar (@sidshekhar24) founder of TokenAnalyst, a London based blockchain data company. Sid was born in India before moving to the US as a young kid and finally finding himself in Istanbul for high school. His family moved to Tel Aviv for his senior year. He ended up back in the United States for college, where he studied in New York and turned an externship during that time into a move to Nashville, Tennessee in 2014. Corporate life had him reevaluating. Not long after, he’d had enough and made the jump to entrepreneurship by heading to school in London. Within 15 months, he’d started TokenAnalyst.

In this conversation, we cover the unexpected way several decisions shaped his life, the moments among them that sealed the deal, and the beauty of finding confidence in solitude. His attitudes toward location and conversation are impactful and should come as no surprise from someone who has continued to chase opportunity. Sid’s a great dude and this conversation was a blast. I hope you enjoy it.

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